So 2018 has arrived and with that so do our resolutions. I ate like shit all Sunday just in preparation for the new year. Anyway… I have come up with a couple of resolutions that are actually practical for myself.

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables: This resolution is much more practical than the “lose x amount of weight” goal. I’m not committing to any weight loss though god knows I need to. I just need to eat better than I have been… the bar here is pretty low so I can just add one salad a month to my diet and meet this goal.

2. Be more mindful: I just really want to learn how to live in the moment and not give two shits about the things that usually stress me out.

3. Put my phone down: Although the fact that I’m typing this is breaking that resolution, I would like to get more in touch with my Amish side.

4. Volunteer: I just typed this and thought, “wait- I don’t have time for that”. I just started going back to Grad school so I really don’t know how I could pull that off. I’ll put this resolution on the back burner…

So these are my resolutions. I struggle a lot with anxiety and that sometimes makes it hard for me to even make it out of bed. Hopefully these goals I’ve set will help me to focus on the important things.

Happy New Year to whoever reads this crap! I hope you have a happy, healthy, mindful, and safe 2018!


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